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I have over 7 years’ experience as an evaluator to the arts, cultural and heritage sectors. I have led on a broad range of evaluation projects, for organisations of different sizes and remits, including ACE and NLHF-funded projects.

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Red Ladder Theatre Company

The Drive Project

The Royal Horticultural Society

Guidhall School of Music and Drama

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"Nicky facilitated a highly engaging cross-functional workshop on improvised storytelling with Armakuni. The learning goals were to foster creativity, connection and storytelling capability across the company. Nicky was highly collaborative in her approach to designing the workshop activities, giving careful consideration to Armakuni's needs, goals and company culture. Participation and feedback from the event were excellent"

Sorrel Harriet

Job title , Armakuni

"Nicky’s work on the Bravo 22 Art of Recovery evaluation was invaluable to developing The Drive Project’s ongoing work with the veteran community. Nicky is warm and approachable which means she has an innate ability to work in sensitive contexts. She was able to create a safe space and support participants, some of whom have complex combat PTSD, to open up and explore their experiences of change during in-depth interviews and project observations. The rigour with which Nicky analyses the data and project observations was also extremely valuable to the team."

Dr Maia Mackney

Job title

sculpture studio